I aim to create content that captivates and excites an audience. I am a May 2018 honors graduate of Clemson University with a double major in Communications and Marketing. During my time at Clemson, I worked in the Athletic Department as a sideline videographer for live broadcasts and as an editor for in stadium & online content. My footage has streamed live on ESPN 3, the ACC Digital Network, and has even appeared #1 on Sports Center's Top 10.
I have had the opportunity to participated in two internships. One as a production assistant at Like The Boat Studios in Atlanta, GA and the other as a marketing intern at Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL. This has allowed me to work on TV development/casting for Discovery ID & MTV and taught me valuable skills in market research.
In the spring of 2017, I wrote and directed the 1950's period piece Shake Rattle & Roll. This gave me experience directing a large crew and managing the day in and out tasks of creating a film from start to finish. 
In the fall of 2017, I pitched and was awarded a budget to direct Clemson's first ever submission to the College Emmy/ Student Academy Awards. The Letters That Guided Us is a 30 minute drama that allowed me to direct an even bigger cast and crew than ever before. The film was produced between Oct-Dec '17 and had a sold out premiere in February '18. After the premiere, I was granted the budget for an even more ambitious script and immediately went to work. Just three months later, I sat in the same theater with a brand new movie to display.
Tia, the second film, premiered the day before my graduation to a capacity crowd and proved that making films at Clemson was not an anomaly but a trend. The club I created to make these movies became a finalist for the most influential group at the school and will keep making films for years to come.
In August 2018, I completed the third draft of a spec TV series based on the concepts from Tia. I was also brought on as an Associate Producer at Raycom Sports Network in Charlotte, NC.
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